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Discover who I am as a person aside from being a IT student.

My Passions and Personality

A few fun facts about myself

I am a sportsperson, I love cooking (and eating), my dream job is to be a programmer, my favourite number is 89, I hope to skydive in the future, I chose a school that is an hour away from home instead of one that is 20 minutes away, my favourite food is bacon, I prefer scenic beauty to skyscrapers.

Get to know me better

I always loved spending way too much time on the computer, tinkering with Photoshop and building crappy websites. But after enrolling into an Information Technology (IT) course, I started to understand what each line of code meant. Despite my interest in programming, I am more than a student cum programmer. Education is imperative, so is a healthy lifestyle. I juggle being a sportsperson with other hobbies such as playing video games, doing computer programming, and photography to list a few. I have always enjoyed travelling during the holidays. Taking a break off my work to explore the beauty of the world is breathtaking.

Anyways, if you are interested in knowing more about me as a person, feel free to check me out in the link below.

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Life as a programmer

I have always been interested in programming. I love to code because it is usable art. It is used by people daily and can affect their everyday life. It is satisfying to see what you type appear into a website or program. When I first started to learn about programming in school, I was confused. It really indeed is another language. In order to quickly absorb what I have learnt, I had to continuously practise. It is easy to forget the language if I do not come in touch with it for a prolonged time. Nevertheless, this is a once in a lifetime experience. I had no regrets learning how to code. It has taught me a lot.

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More About My Experience

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Understand who I am as a person

I am a Year One student, of Singapore Polytechnic, School Of Computing (SOC). I have always loved spending way too much time on the computer. Currently, I am spending my time tinkering with Photoshop and programming languages - Java, SQL, HTML, CSS and C#. My interest and passion for coding and editing has led me to take up this course.

I am fascinated by how far and fast technology is advancing. Thus, I have decided to embark on the journey of Information Technology to experience first-hand how programs are being coded and developed. I am a curious person who is always eager to learn. Thus, I am looking forward to learning more programming languages and mastering those that I have learnt.