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Ups and downs, love and hate.

My Programming Experience

A more organised person

To me, computer programming is pleasing yet frustrating. Programming has helped me strengthen and develop several characteristics which I believe are necessary for success. The problems and challenges, constant learning, and satisfaction that come from programming make me enjoy what I am learning.

My experience as a programmer has been a fruitful one. I learnt that programmers have to accustom to continually failing. Often, my code fails me on my first try. It is a repetitive process of failing constructively and tackling the problem from a different approach. Another takeaway from programming is to be logical and clear in my thought process. As a programmer, I have to be systematic in analysing and organising my work. It really trains your attention to detail. It is frustrating when my codes do not work. In school, there are deadlines to meet and standards to set. Being reasonably new to some programming languages, I always have to find a solution to my problems as it will not magically disappear.

I aspire to be a programmer in the future. It is the joy of coding things. Fundamentally, programming is all about crafting a solution to a problem. It can be a tedious process, but eventually, when you succeed, the sense of accomplishment is just so satisfying.