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More than just a programmer

Besides operating behind the screen, I also juggle being a sportsperson with other hobbies such as playing video games, doing computer programming, and photography to list a few.

I am a flexible sportsman who enjoys doing any sport. However, my favourites are table tennis, soccer, and handball. Although I do not do so much exercise as I did years ago, I do try to keep fit and active. Occasionally, I will head to the park for a jog or to the gym if my schedule gives way. For a good number of years, I have done jogging at my neighbourhood park. However, I do believe in keeping my weight down and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A balanced daily diet is essential in achieving my goal. I enjoy my weekend "cheat meals" but try to eat plenty of vegetables, rice, and fruits. When in school, I regularly have vegetarian food, but unfortunately prefer my weekend meals more.

As I am an adventurous person, I enjoy travelling to countries with exotic sceneries where I can take photographs. It always amazes me how beautiful the world is, considering I live in Singapore where man-made architecture is of abundance. Personally, I feel that travelling is the best learning experience. This is because I am actually experiencing this learning in real life, not reading it in a textbook so it will stay with me for a long time. I'll gain a deep sense of satisfaction with the new skills I have learned – and new insights I have obtained. Being able to experience something unfamiliar and return home with new knowledge is always what I wanted. A little more about me is that I am a visual learner - one that has to see before understanding. By taking photographs of the places I have been, I am able to keep fond memories of the sceneries. Looking back at the pictures, I remain nostalgic about the good old experiences.